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Cavities - really scared?

I'm 15 and I had braces on my teeth (top and bottom) for 2 years and I thought I looked after my teeth well, but I got my braces taken off a few days ago and the orthodontist said that I have some cavities (at least 3 that he could see) and I need to go to my dentist and get fillings. My mum has made me an appointment with the dentist in a few weeks but I'm really scared because I've never had cavities before and I really don't want to get fillings.

What will actually happen at the dentist? Will it hurt if I have to get fillings? Do they always need to give you an injection in your mouth before it? Can anyone please explain exactly what happens??

Cavities - really scared?
I've had plenty of cavities filled.

Yes, you will get an injection of Novocaine. The needle is very small. You will feel a pinch for about 10 to 15 seconds. A few minutes later that area of your mouth will go numb. Then the dentist will do some drilling with a machine that has a kind of a high pitched sound coming from it. That usually lasts about 5 to 7 minutes. There is no pain and you can't even feel the drilling itself. Then, the dentist will use a plastic type tool to install the filling and apply some pressure so that the filling bonds with the tooth that you have left. After that, the dentist will use a brush to apply a liquid over the filling which hardens within a few minutes. This is something like the enamel on your teeth.

The Novocaine will wear off in about 3 to 5 hours. Your gum will feel a little tender for the rest of the day.

I hope this eases your fears. Good luck.
Reply:dont worry although i am a coward on things like this my son has never had an injection at the dentist but has had a few fillings and assures me it does not hurt.He is 36 years old.

I can say that the last time I went to the dentist and had an injection i really did not feel a thing so nowadays it really does not hurt.
Reply:I have only had a cavity onece and it was on my baby tooth and what the do is give you a shot in the side of your mouth and drill fillings in. Really the only bad part about it is the shot it depend on what kind of dentist you have though some give the shot painfully and some you dont even know that they gave you a shot until your whole mouth is numb! So GL And brush and floss more often!
Reply:They will get rid of the manky bit of tooth, and fill it with some resin. If you want to, you can have a pain killing injection. I usually don't bother. Having a filling without an injection does hurt, but it's not too bad really.

If you have cavities, then it is best to get them sorted out now, if you leave them, they will get bigger, and then getting them fixed will hurt more.

I'm sure you'll be fine.
Reply:aww i had my 1st and only filling when i was 13 and wow it was something i would never want to go through again!

first they give you an injection that numbs it up so u can't feel anything. Then they dry the teeth near it with a vaccum like thing and put a little drill in the hole to clean it. This tickles a bit but i was nearly in tears as i was so young! Then they put in the filling. Then a rinse out with pink water.

After that you go home and your mouth is numb for the next ages. Careful not to bite your mouth as it will hurt after the numbness wears off. When your mouth begins to hurt it shows the numbness is wearing off.

After all that you just want to brush your teeth over and over again to prevent any more!

Good luck x
Reply:you can have an injection which will take away nearly all the pain, they then clean and fill the tooth. It does not take long and with modern dentistry today its nothing to worry about!
Reply:don't worry hunny, if you are nervous the dentist will put an anaesthetic cream on your gum before she inject the local anaesthetic. she'll then wait for it to kick in and test whether it has or not. don't worry...the most painfull bit is the injection....after that...once it works then you won't feel a thing. it's perfectly natural to be scared of the dentist sweetie........but you'll be fine.
Reply:Listen....please do not will be just fine. It is so very normal to be scared.

First thing they will do is to give you an exam (gently check your teeth and gums. Next if they find out that you have cavities, they will take a few x-rays, which I am sure that you had because of your braces. If they have time on that day they will fill your teeth. If they are not to deep you can try to have them filled with no Novocaine. If they are deep, you will need a shot. Don't worry though, they have a numbing agent they will put on your gum so the needle won't hurt so much. If the fillings are going to be placed on your molars ( Back teeth) you can always have what is called ( composite filling) which is tooth colored and will not show, but, your insurance company will not pay for composite on back teeth, only anterior (front teeth). If you do get a shot, please make sure you don't eat or drink anything hot til the numbness wears off. You could bite your tongue or lip and get really hurt. I hope this was helpful. Don't worry...... and make sure you floss and brush 3 times a day. Let me know how you did.

I am a Dental Asst.
Reply:Hiya the same thing happened to me when I had a brace on my top teeth. I had the brace removed then ended up having two of my molars filled. it didn't hurt as they numb the area before the filling, but i was not impressed.

When I was older I got the fillings changed to white ones. Dentistry has improved since I was a teenager, I am sure your be OK. Good luck.
Reply:Iv got a few cavities my dentist appointment next week. fillings dont hurt, but the only part which is painful, and one which is making me feel bit scared is the injection in the mouth. which DOES hurt!!
Reply:The most painful part will be the injection. If anything hurts once he starts working on your cavity, tell him right away. Some dentists will give a patient nitrous oxide, laughing gas, which can help calm you down.

You need to tell the dentist of your fears. He should have had many, many patients with the same concerns and be able to reassure you.

There are lots of medical reasons you must have those cavities filled.

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