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The last couple of weeks one of my back teeth has been sensitive to cold drinks. I just had a dental exam and xrays about 3 months ago and they said there were no cavities. In fact, I have never had a cavity in my life (I'm 25). The area of the tooth that seems to be bugging me is on the side between the two teeth and its not extremely painful or anything. Also, the last couple of days, when I floss there it bleeds. No other part of my mouth bleeds when I floss. Does this sound more like some kind of problem with my gums in that area or is it a cavity?

It sounds like you have probably eaten something that has gotten stuck under the gum causing this irritation, such as popcorn or nuts with skins. If this sounds familiar then you can get it out with the same method that we use. Take a piece of floss and tie a single knot in it, slip it in as you normally would to floss, then gently pull the floss through "guiding the knot" under the tissue letting it "catch" what is trapped and pull it loose, as you pull the floss through. You may have to try this a few times to get what ever it is out. After that, rinse with some really warm salt water to cleanse and ease the soreness. If you can't get it out, call your dentist office they will be able to take care of this for you. Hope I've been of some help and good luck.
Reply:Sounds like a gum problem as cavities don't make your gums bleed. See your dentist.
Reply:if the x rays don't show cavities, then you don't have em
Reply:Gingivitis. - See the dentist.
Reply:There's a chance that it might be a gum infection or it might be a cavity. In both cases, I think you should go to the dentist, I've had much more cavities than other people (I'm 13), and I've also had a gum infection. Good Luck, it's gonna be fine.

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