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ok so it's not a definate yet but i think i have two cavaities (in my back molars, one on each side) well i have a check-up with the dentist next week so i'll know for sure but my question is, would they fill both these cavities at the same time or do one at one visit then one at the next (being that they are on opposite sides of my mouth) btw. i am 15 and i've never had a cavity so i'm new to this and kinda nervous. any imput would be greatly appreciated.

I would ask them to fill both at the same time. You don't want to have to deal with it again.
Reply:They will most likely fill them at the same time, especially if they're small.
Reply:they should be able to do both at the same time. parents insurance??
Reply:depends on the dentist
Reply:Trust me, it's better to get it done and over with--they'll do both at the same time if you're right and have two cavities. The worst part is the needle from the novacane, which just feels like a sharp prick, and then it's numb--which is annoying, but at least it doesn't hurt! Who knows, maybe you're wrong and you don't have any cavities... I'm hoping that's the case for you! : )

(I've thought I had a cavity only to find out that I didn't!)
Reply:It really depends on how bad the cavities are. If they're really bad you may need to get them pulled. The doc may do one at a time or both. Some people get all four wisdom teeth removed at once so he may pull both at once. If you just need fillings, he may do both. I had two fillings done at once before. Just relax, the first shot kind of hurts but it's cake after that. And no more soda. It's as corossive to your teeth as BATTERY ACID.
Reply:do it one at a time if you're worried about the pain and so you can eat (chew) dinner.
Reply:Try not to worry too much. Since you don't yet know if you have cavities, you may be worrying for nothing. If you do have cavities, they may or may not require Novocaine or drilling, and if they do, advances in dental care have main this an almost painless procedure.

Good luck!

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