Monday, April 27, 2009

Tooth cavities?

i have lots of tiny cavities in my teeth and i also have braces.

i'm going to the dentist soon and i am scared because i have always had good teeth

i think the reason i got cavities is because of my dry mouth but i'm not relly sure

i'm scared. any advice for me??

Tooth cavities?
The worst case, if you think you have small cavities, then you'll have small fillings. Remember, small cavities are easier to take care of than 1 large cavity/root canal. So if you think you have any problem areas go ahead and ask the dentist.

As for your dry mouth, well I'm assuming that you just need to drink more water. Some people can get dry mouths when they're taking multiple drugs (heart medication, cholesterol medication, insulin, etc) but I'm assuming you don't fit in that category. Keep a glass of water by your night stand in case you get thirsty and keep a bottle of water with you during the day.

If you're worried about cavities, then in addition to brushing and flossing (either with super floss or waterpik which your dentist will know about) you can rinse with ACT flouride rinse (I recommend bubble gum flavor) at night to help aid in preventing cavities.
Reply:relax. the dentist will take care of it.
Reply:don't worry you will get anestetics it doesn't hurt at all.

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