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How much is the cost of a regular checkup and cavities for a person without insurance in central U.S.A.?

I've usually needed treatment for two cavities and/or replacing a filling every other year. I have an overbite and wisdom teeth that in the long run will also need to be treated in the next three years.

How much is the cost of a regular checkup and cavities for a person without insurance in central U.S.A.?
Checkup is about $100-$120. Cavities can tack on another $100 or $200, depending. At least, here in the Chicago suburbs.

Are you needing help to obtain insurance?
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Reply:The cheapest way to go is to get a discount plan.

I went to the dentist and have learned i have cavities on my 2 lower wisdom teeth. I can either have the?

wisdom teeth cut out or just get the cavitiies filled. I do not have any problems with my wisdom teeth. No pain or signs of cavities. i just can't decide if i just should have them removed and get on with it or wait until i start having problems. what do you think i should do?

I went to the dentist and have learned i have cavities on my 2 lower wisdom teeth. I can either have the?
What till they bother you.
Reply:I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 21. Many people don't have room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth. I would say if your dentist can confirm you have room for these teeth and you won't suffer from your teeth crowding together later, just get your cavities filled. Don't wait to long if you decide to keep them or you may end up with worse cavities that end up causing you to need crowns instead of fillings.
Reply:I would suggest removing them. Even when people seem to have room, they still don't clean them very well, which can cause cavities or gum disease to the teeth in front of them, which are more important.
Reply:It is always important to have your wisdom teeth taken out because they are so far back that it is harder for you to keep them clean which will make it easier for them to get infected. Another reason is most of the time people don't have a large enough jaw to support them and when they do erupt they will cause your other teeth to shift and move. I always tell my patients to have them all extracted. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.
Reply:Nature/God (I don't want to start that argument) provided you with four wisdom teeth. Why would you want to have them removed? It's like saying I only need half my liver to survive and I'd be so much thinner with-out it. Keep your wisdom teeth. (full disclosure; I'm almost fifty and I've had mine crowned). Pardon the pun, but you'd be stupid to have them pulled lol. If I ever need to gnaw on a masterdon bone to survive,,, I can do it !!!
Reply:just have it filled.

Who is the real culprit as to why were having cavities due to eating sweets?

many times we were told as children to avoid sweets because they cause cavities. physiologically speaking, explain the real culprit of this case starting with the discussion of what particular biomolecule.

Who is the real culprit as to why were having cavities due to eating sweets?
Cavities are caused by the action of acid on the enamel of the tooth. The acid is produced by bacteria in the mouth that feed on sugar (and, actually, simple starches, which are converted to sugar by saliva). The acid dissolves the enamel of the tooth surface causing little holes in the teeth.
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Must dentists legally disclose the filling material they use for cavities?

My wife just got two fillings for some cavities she had. We assumed the dentist would use amalgam, but when she was finished we saw that he had used a composite material which has a drastically shorter lifetime. The dentist said nothing about it, and we feel a little cheated and are wondering what to do. (We live in California.)

Must dentists legally disclose the filling material they use for cavities?
Unfortunately, dentists just take it upon themselves to dictate they type of materials they use for a tooth and rarely give the patient the choice. While composite restorations are in great use and the newer ones do wear extremely well, amalgam restorations [especially if they are bonded in], in great number of dentists' estimations, are superior on posterior teeth. I have yet to see a composite restoration last 30 years while many many amalgams are still functioning well long after that. All of the hoopla about the mercury in them is

a non event as the composite materials have also been showen to mimic hormones and cause problems. If you give a person enough water, that will kill them too so you see, it's all in the testing. Good luck in getting your doctor to change these and you may have to find a new one as some dentists only do composites.
Reply:No one uses amalgam anymore because of the lead content fears. They all use composite unless you sign off waivers for the amalgam.

Personally I had all my amalgam replaced to get rid of the toxicnessin my mouth.

You got the standard of care in California
Reply:I'm in California also. Been here all my life. They use to use it all the time. But for the past 4 years I've visited several dentists and they don't use the amalgam in my mouth either. The reason being is the reports of how they are unsafe. Don't know if it's true though. Seems like a lot of debating still going on. But I guess better safe than sorry. I've seen some dentists still use them though. I would suggest calling up your dentist and ask them why. Good luck!
Reply:I don't know about legally, but I bet that your wife got some type of print out before that appointment, telling her the teeth numbers and the fee, right? I can just about promise you that somewhere next to each tooth number it said the word resin or composite. I have never seen someone get dental work without first seeing one of these printed out treatment plans, telling them exactly what the procedure costs. If they do, then that is on their own head for making that mistake. However, if your wife did in fact get one of these printed out treatment plans, and it did say resin or composite on it, then they did tell her up front what they were doing.

We also do not choose to do amalgam in our office. Though composite may have a shorter lifespan, I have seen numerous teeth with huge cracks in them due to the amalgams they have in them. It is also not customary for us to specifically tell a patient "By the way, you know we don't do amalgams in our office, right?" We give them a treatment plan that clearly says the words composite or resin, and we also give them a consent form that says that we are doing composite fillings.

I personally don't feel you were cheated, but you have a right to feel how you feel. I do however think you should sit down and calmly speak to the dentist about your concerns and listen to his reasons for not doing amalgam. You might understand his reasons more once you listen to him explain things to you.

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Can I have sealant applied to my teeth if I already have one or more cavities?

I went to the dentist 5 months ago and they told me I have 5 cavities...they're so tiny! I haven't had a cavity in 10 years, and I got sealants on my teeth when I was a kid. I was curious if I could get sealants on my teeth and prevent the cavities from getting larger, without having my teeth drilled or filled?

Can I have sealant applied to my teeth if I already have one or more cavities?
No. The bacteria and decay is already IN the cavity inside your tooth. Sealing them will just hide them visually, meanwhile they will just continue to develop under the sealant. If you want to keep them, get them filled!
Reply:No-- once decay has begun the only way to stop it is to get the fillings done. Sealants are more of a preventitive to keep the bacteria which cause decay from penetrating into the grooves of the teeth. If it has been 5 months since your visit, you need to have the fillings done ASAP. The decay could have grown larger since then.
Reply:No, sealants are a preventative measure to help protect against cavities. The only way to solve your problem is to get the decay that has already started removed and the cavity filled. If the cavities are tiny, you may not even need the "drill" part, if your dentist uses one of the latest advances. And if looks are what you're worried about, just ask your dentist to use a tooth-colored composite filling material that will closely match your natural tooth color.

Does anyone know about no-drill laser fillings for cavities?

How was your experience? And was it very costly? I have several cavities and have read about laser fillings in some magazine (cant remember which one). Anyways no drill laser fillings sounds painless and quick!

Does anyone know about no-drill laser fillings for cavities?
Great technology. Might still need a tiny bit of drilling to get the preparation for the filling made properly. The laser's intensity is preset so that only the decay is removed, not healthy enamel or dentin. The less enamel and dentin you remove the better! After the tooth is lasered and properly prepped, the filling, silver or resin, is placed.
Reply:the lasers sound great but there are things that i dont' like. it takes longer, the laser makes very loud popping sounds, and there still has to be a cold air/water spray so the laser doesn't cook the tooth. once you've gone through the enamel that spray hurts!

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Is it safe to home whiten if you have cavities?

I was just wondering if there are any chemicals in tooth whitening treatments that are harmful if you have cavities?

I dont want to cause more damage!

Is it safe to home whiten if you have cavities?
Whitening while you have cavities will probably increase the likelihood of sensitivity. Depending on where the cavities are I would probably suggest having them fixed prior to whitening - the only exception would be if they are in your front teeth and the filling material would be visible. This is because tooth whitening will only whiten natural tooth not filling material and you will want the new fillings to match the new colour of your lovely bright white teeth!
Reply:No, that is not a good idea. You should get those taken care of first. Do you not have dental benefits? I just went to the dentist for the first time in six years. I found a really good dental discount plan that only cost $11.95 a month. The discounts are really good. The plan comes with prescription , vision, and chiropractic.

Here is the link or the # is 1-800-784-1719
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And I thought UK dentists were weird!

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