Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I have sealant applied to my teeth if I already have one or more cavities?

I went to the dentist 5 months ago and they told me I have 5 cavities...they're so tiny! I haven't had a cavity in 10 years, and I got sealants on my teeth when I was a kid. I was curious if I could get sealants on my teeth and prevent the cavities from getting larger, without having my teeth drilled or filled?

Can I have sealant applied to my teeth if I already have one or more cavities?
No. The bacteria and decay is already IN the cavity inside your tooth. Sealing them will just hide them visually, meanwhile they will just continue to develop under the sealant. If you want to keep them, get them filled!
Reply:No-- once decay has begun the only way to stop it is to get the fillings done. Sealants are more of a preventitive to keep the bacteria which cause decay from penetrating into the grooves of the teeth. If it has been 5 months since your visit, you need to have the fillings done ASAP. The decay could have grown larger since then.
Reply:No, sealants are a preventative measure to help protect against cavities. The only way to solve your problem is to get the decay that has already started removed and the cavity filled. If the cavities are tiny, you may not even need the "drill" part, if your dentist uses one of the latest advances. And if looks are what you're worried about, just ask your dentist to use a tooth-colored composite filling material that will closely match your natural tooth color.

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