Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does diet soda cause cavities?

Cos it doesn't have any sugar it in, does it still cause cavities like regular soda does?

Does diet soda cause cavities?
YES!!!! It still has phosphoric acid in it which is the main cause of demineralization of a tooth (decay process). If the soda has sugar in it then the sugar takes over in the demineralization process in the areas that the acid did prior. I have seen so many people, esp kids w/ a lot of decay inbetweeen their teeth from soda...any kind!! Gaterade and Kool-Aid are other big no gos when it comes to teeth
Reply:Not like regular soda. Anything left on your teeth to rot will cause tooth decay, but regular soda has a ton of sugar, which fuels the decay. Diet soda has nothing that the bacteria really like to eat, so while it can contribute, it really won't cause much.

Good Luck! Keep brushing.
Reply:Oh yeah! And obesity, too. Don't think just because the bottle says "diet" it is safe.
Reply:yes because there is a certain level of acid is pop. Your dentist should have a chart about this compared to water and battery acid. It is very interesting. For example water is rated at 7 as neutral battery acid is rated at 1 being aweful for your teeth. Diet is always "better" or I guess that I should say not as bad as regular. Mountain Dew is right in between the water and battery acid. The next thing to water on this chart is Diet Barg's rootbeer.
Reply:i think is does. its just not as bad as regular soda!

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