Friday, May 21, 2010

Can black spots on your teeth hurt and not be cavities?

i recently went to the dentist and he says there not cavities but sometimes they hurt and really sensitive could he be wrong about them not being cavities? i told him they were sensitive and he gave me sensidyne and it don't work.

Can black spots on your teeth hurt and not be cavities?
those are cavities....

he's waiting until those cavities become such a problem that u need root canals

go to anotha dentist and get them filled
Reply:Did they take X-Rays? I don't know what dentist you go to, but is sounds like cavities to me.
Reply:They are probably cavities. You should go to another dentist and get an opinion and get x-rays done. It also may be past filled cavities. In the older days they used black fillings or silver fillings in cavities. They were not to good back then so they may be sensitive. Either may go back to a dentist. I hope this helps.
Reply:they are definitely cavities cuz i have a few of those too.. u shud get a second opinion cuz that doesnt make sense to have black spots on ur teeth that are sensitive and hurt..sorry to say but i think he is definitely wrong you shud see a different dentist
Reply:kill yourself.

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