Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do i have a mouth full of cavities?

hey guys. i brush my teeth everyday but i have these slightly-off colored "holes" in my teeth. believe me, theyre not really holes BUT they have me worried. and they "holes" arent brown. theyre slightly off-colored. i have them on EVERY tooth so im getting worried that i have a whole mouth full of cavities. but then on the other hand, maybe its the way my teeth are. i dont see how i can get a mouth full of cavities when i brush my teeth... is it logical?? they dont really hurt except for now. oh the power of suggestion.

what do you suspect they are? im going to the dentist within a month but i want a heads up so i pretty much know what to expect.

Do i have a mouth full of cavities?
It isn't impossible that you have dental decay (cavities), but I suspect that you just have stain in the pits and fissures (grooves) on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. It isn't uncommon for me to see that with my patients and I even have some areas where this is evident in my mouth. When you go in for you visit you may be having a set of cavity checking xrays (bitewings) and those will give the dentist / hygienist and you a definate answer. Hope that helps and good luck!

JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
Reply:I'm sorry i cant tell you what they are, but i have the same thing. they re not on all of my teeth but they re on about four of them, and my dentist has said nothing about it. so I'm guessing its pretty normal. i wouldn't worry unless they have just come up recently.

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