Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can god fill cavities without going to dentist?

how can i get cavities filled by god without going to the dentist

Can god fill cavities without going to dentist?
There are some ministries that are called for just that among other miracles and you can find them at sidroth.org
Reply:you can't. as a matter of fact ifyou leave this matter up to god you will end up with a mouth infection that is painful beyond belief and losing that tooth all together. just go to the dentist and spare yourself the agony.
Reply:the last time I checked, god doesn't do fillings.
Reply:god can do anything ZAP
Reply:If you were a saint, God might grant you that wish. But remember, even the saints often had to suffer some physical discomforts.

If you're afraid of the dentist, try going to one who treats pediatric patients (be the last one of the day, or the first). Most dentists are really nice, and if you need a sedative or a little extra Novocain, they'll give it to you. Don't worry, you can get through this!
Reply:If there were a god, it could be argued that he provided you with the means to get your tooth fixed (the dentist) and you are telling him that's not good enough for you. Suck it up.
Reply:God can do anything, but God also gave man/woman the wisdom to become dentist. It could be that God is filling cavities by giving dentist the wisdom to do this. Another thing to remember is that God helps those that help themselves. Go to your dentist, keep 6 month check ups, and eat healthy.
Reply:if you believe in god, then he will provide a way for you to get fillings....you will have to go to the dentist....but maybe something extraordinary may happen...just have faith.
Reply:ive gotten 4 fillings before it wont hurt....might sting but deffently wont hurt.
Reply:let me know if you find The Way - it sure would save me a lot of money .
Reply:dude god wouldn't hlp u

u decided not to take care of ur teeth wich god gave you soo u could chew ur food..... sooo u have to go through the pain....

[[beauty is pain]]
Reply:If you are scared ask god to help you and make you feel no pain before you get your cavity filled.Even though he cannot fill it he can make the filling not hurt.I asked my mom that when i was little and she said to do that when i was getting my teeth pulled out and i did and it was fine.
Reply:god cant. you just have to go to the dentist. if u leave it, it will get worse, maybe even infection. hurry up and go man! dont just wait! GOGOGOGOGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:you just need to go to the dentiest
Reply:why are you asking that god gave you healthy teeth and you done something to destroy that healthy tooth. IN OTHER WORDS GO TO THE DENTIST.

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