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Why do I have so many cavities?

I had 2 cavities at my last dental visit (6 months ago)and i went on Friday and had 5 more...any idea's how I can STOP getting them?

Why do I have so many cavities?
Brush your teeth 2x a day. Especially at night. While we are awake we continuously produce saliva which helps to wash away food and bacteria in our mouth. At night while we sleep we don't produce as much saliva so food and bacteria just sit in our mouths and turn into plaque. That's why brushing at night is important. You go to bed with a clean mouth. Also floss at least once a day. Again I recommend at night. After you have brushed and flossed your teeth at night rinse with a fluoride mouthwash. Most stores in the USA sell ACT mouthwash.It is usually marketed toward children so it comes in some crazy flavors but it has fluoride in it. Colgate sells one called Flouraguard. Also found in most stores. Once you swish with a fluoride mouthwash you cannot eat or drink for 30 minutes. So do it before bed. Also fluoride does not soak into dirty teeth, so make sure you brush and floss before use. Hope this helps.

Cut the junk food and soda! Mouth wash!
Reply:The best way is to brush your teeth right after you eat something. If you can't do that, try brushing at least twice a day and try not to eat a lot of sweets.
Reply:you may have soft enamel and if that is the case you can thank one of your parents LOL...you might ask your dentist to do what they call "Paint" your teeth...good luck
Reply:Clean your teeth daily and use Listerine after the brushing. It really does help a lot. Also, drink some milk or get calcium in another form. Calcium is very important for healthy teeth. Stop drinking a lot of soda. Soda has phosphorous in it and can damage teeth quickly.
Reply:Brush your teeth more often each day while you are young they need it three times or more a day. Like wake up, lunch, dinner, and before bed for sure as that is when the damage happens. Rinse out with salt water after bedtime brushing. Stir salt in warm water till it dissolves and then rinse out your mouth good. You get more just because you are one of those people who do. Brushing regular is really the ony way to stop it and as you get older you will be happy you did the right thing and have your own teeth.
Reply:It just a bad luck of the genetic draw. Both my parents struggled with their teeth and so have I. I brushed and flossed as everyone else. By the time I was in my late 20's they started to go with really no kind of a warning. The teeth just died and broke, here I am 6 toot canals and crowns later. If you can get by on a "drill and fill" to fix it, count your blessings.
Reply:brush ur teeth
Reply:NO MORE CANDY! unless you're British, then you can't help it.. =P
Reply:Stay away from sugar
Reply:Maybe you should stop eating sweets, like candy and chocolate!!
Reply:I have always had soft teeth that were prone to cavities. You must simply be aware that you have this problem.

If you brush your teeth once, or even twice a day you will probably still develop cavities. Try to brush after you eat anything sweet, or, if you can't brush at least swish water around in your mouth, it will help remove some of the sugars. When you brush your teeth at night, do not drink anything except water afterwards. Make sure you floss if you think things are stuck between your teeth.

Now, I brush my teeth at least 4 times a day, and floss at least once. I also use two different kinds of mouthwash, one that is peroxide based to kill bacteria, and one that is herbal to help sooth my gums and build the enamel back onto my teeth. Even with all of this, I still have small cavities sometimes.

It is an uncomfortable and eventually expensive condition to have. But you can prevent some cavaties from forming, and that is a small step in the right direction.

Good luck!
Reply:You don't brush your teeth often enough and you eat and/or drink stuff that hangs around and eats at your teeth, like candy, gum, sodas, cookies, doritos, chips, white bread,........

And remember, you don't have to floss all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep.
Reply:There can be bacteria in your saliva. Brushing too much can wear away the enamel. My husband's grandfather brushed with nothing but salt and water. He died with every tooth in his mouth.

Rinse your mouth out at night with a cavity fighting mouth wash then go right to sleep.
Reply:You are at a high risk for cavities. According to a paper put out by the American Dental Association, you should have a check up every 3 months.
Reply:The best thing to do is to make sure you brush at least twice per day. Brushing at night is the most important (most people only brush in the morning because of bad breath) because the amount saliva you make at night goes way down. If you don't brush before going to bed the bacteria in your mouth can use the food as source to grow, make acid and cause cavities.

I would also recommend that you get a Fluoride mouth rinse. Fluoride helps to make your teeth more resistant to the damage that bacteria can cause.

Don't forget to floss as well because food gets in between your teeth and bacteria love to grow there. Most cavities start in between you teeth or in the deep groves (both of which are hard places to keep clean)

See this link: http://www.smileconnection.com/DentalHea... . It has some good information on basic dental health.

Hope this helps

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