Friday, May 21, 2010

Went to the dentist today. Do you think these are cavities? More details included?!?!?

So I went to the dentist today, but yesterday, they called and told me that the dentist was sick, and wouldn't be there, but I just said that I'd be fine with them cleaning my teeth, and coming back later for the dentist to examine my teeth thoroughly, and such.

While she was cleaning my teeth, the dental hygienist said that she saw what looked to her to be 3 BIG cavities, all on my bottom set of molars. Do you think these are really cavities? I asked her if she could see any on the top, and all she said was that on the xrays it looked like maybe 2, but she couldn't see any when she was cleaning. The dentist is gonna look for sure when I go back, but she said that she could see them with her naked eye. Do you think she knows what she was looking at?

Went to the dentist today. Do you think these are cavities? More details included?!?!?
Well I'd say she probably has more idea than the general public, but at the same time she's not a dentist. However, if she says she can see 3 cavities with her naked eye, then that means they are BIG cavities - and you should be able to see them too. So grab a torch and go to the mirror and have a look - you see any holes in your teeth? Even tiny ones?

I went to the dentist once with what I thought was a small cavity in my tooth - I could see this small hole. He told me that any time you can actually see a hole in the tooth, it is a BIG cavity, and when he did the x-rays it confirmed that the cavity was really big.

So if there are any visible holes at all in your teeth, then they are pretty big cavities, and the dental hygienist has seen enough cavities in her life to spot the big ones I would have thought.

At the end of the day though, all you can do is wait until you see the dentist to find out for sure.
Reply:She knows what she is looking at but it is the dentist who must diagnose decay. So don't sweat it and go back and have the dentist do the proper examination.
Reply:Legally a hygenist is not allowed to give you a prognosis, so i'd ignore her. It could be that your teeth are a bit discoloured or maybe you have tiny cavities. Don't worry unil you know for sure, try and relax. If they are you'll get them fixed dont worry
Reply:Yes, I'm sure she does know what she's looking at. I mean, possibly if she's really young and new, like maybe 23 or 24, then maybe she wouldn't be as sure. Though even then I'd be inclined to think that she knew what she was talking about.

Anyhow, if the hygienist can see them than you most certainly can see them. Look back there... are there any small black,brown,light brown or tan holes?

Really, it's nothing to worry about. So what if you do have a few cavities? I'm assuming that if you're at a dentist you've dental insurance and hopefully your dentist is a good one. You shouldn't feel much pain at all and these days they usually use porcelain fillings so they're less noticeable.

Relaaaaax. You'll see your dentist soon and hopefully all your questions will then be answered!

Happy Holidays.
Reply:Well there's really no way any of use are going to be able to know without even having an inkling as to what the "cavities" look like. Maybe they are, maybe they're not, but your dentist can say for sure. If they are, just get them taken care of and take good care of your teeth.
Reply:She knows what she is talking about she can't diagnose but she can tell by looking at the x-rays. Even I as a dental for 15 yrs could read x-rays. Or see decay if large enough with the naked eye. She can only tell you that she sees some suspicious areas and advise you to have the Doctor tell you what they are.

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