Friday, May 21, 2010

I went to the dentist and have learned i have cavities on my 2 lower wisdom teeth. I can either have the?

wisdom teeth cut out or just get the cavitiies filled. I do not have any problems with my wisdom teeth. No pain or signs of cavities. i just can't decide if i just should have them removed and get on with it or wait until i start having problems. what do you think i should do?

I went to the dentist and have learned i have cavities on my 2 lower wisdom teeth. I can either have the?
What till they bother you.
Reply:I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 21. Many people don't have room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth. I would say if your dentist can confirm you have room for these teeth and you won't suffer from your teeth crowding together later, just get your cavities filled. Don't wait to long if you decide to keep them or you may end up with worse cavities that end up causing you to need crowns instead of fillings.
Reply:I would suggest removing them. Even when people seem to have room, they still don't clean them very well, which can cause cavities or gum disease to the teeth in front of them, which are more important.
Reply:It is always important to have your wisdom teeth taken out because they are so far back that it is harder for you to keep them clean which will make it easier for them to get infected. Another reason is most of the time people don't have a large enough jaw to support them and when they do erupt they will cause your other teeth to shift and move. I always tell my patients to have them all extracted. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.
Reply:Nature/God (I don't want to start that argument) provided you with four wisdom teeth. Why would you want to have them removed? It's like saying I only need half my liver to survive and I'd be so much thinner with-out it. Keep your wisdom teeth. (full disclosure; I'm almost fifty and I've had mine crowned). Pardon the pun, but you'd be stupid to have them pulled lol. If I ever need to gnaw on a masterdon bone to survive,,, I can do it !!!
Reply:just have it filled.

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