Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does it hurt to get cavities filled?

My daughter has a couple of cavities but I don't want to have her put under or give her gas. She is only 3 years old, anybody have any suggestions?

Does it hurt to get cavities filled?
I have had several cavities. Considering the fact that she is only three, they probably aren't that deep. I have had a total of six cavities and they didn't put me under for any of them. First they put a little bit of numbing gel on the gum by the tooth, then the give a tiny shot that you can barely even feel because of the numbing gel, then the process is pretty quick and easy!

I'm sure she'll be fine!

by the way, juice is a big reason for why lots of kids get cavities....
Reply:Not as much as it will if they aren't properly filled! Are you taking her to a dentist who is experienced working with children her age? If he recommends anesthesia, it is probably best, since small children generally have not yet developed much understanding of benefits associated with discomfort and may resist.

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