Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you have to have your cavities fixed, before you get braces??

My sister has a bunch of cavities, and we needs braces!

Do you have to have your cavities fixed, before you get braces??
Yes. And if your orthodontist doesn't tell you to get them fixed before putting on your braces, get a different ortho. Most orthodontists will also have you sign a paper when you get your braces put on saying that you promise to keep regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist.
Reply:I would suggest it...since you needs braces.
Reply:I think it would be better if you did. Braces can be kind of a hassle and may hinder the cavity-removal process.
Reply:Hi! I've been in dentistry for over 25 years and the answer is absolutely YES!. Fixing cavities before braces is easy and simple to do. Once you have braces the problem is if they are between the teeth or need to be shaped properly the braces will hinder this. More importantly, you must ask the Ortho how to properly floss(bridge threader) and clean your teeth and your sister's so new cavities do not become rampid. The last thing you want is straight teeth that are full of cavities. You must also ask your dentist for a fluoride rinse to use ar bedtime to help prevent more cavities and listen to what foods you should not eat with braces to cause other problems with decay. Sugar, sticky foods and other foods can add to this problem. And most of all, the expense of braces and then more cavities is heart breaking and EXPENSIVE!!!!! So first get the cavities repaired, get on a great hygiene program of floss, brush and fluoride rinse and you will have a wonderful smile and healthy teeth the rest of your life. Good luck..M
Reply:If you don't have the cavities fixed first, think of it this way. Cavities are holes in your teeth, just as the name implies. Chances are, those braces won't be coming off for at least a few years, and in that time, those cavities can and will burrow right through the center of the teeth. The tooth then, without a firm base, will crumble. When the tooth crumbles, it will mess up the tension of the braces (as well as cause immense pain). Best to deal with the cavities first.
Reply:Definitely! I am a dentist. All cavities (caries) and gum (gingival, periodontal) problems must be treated and be under control before starting any tooth movement (orthodontic treatment). Also you should brush your teeth more often and meticulously. Oral hygiene is also very important during the course of treatment because braces are plaque retentive and predispose the teeth to caries and also cause gum disease and worsen the existing problems.

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