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Do water filters remove floride and cause more cavities?

If you use a water filter pitcher on a regular basis for drinking, will it remove the floride and cause cavities in your teeth?

Do water filters remove floride and cause more cavities?
Water filters do not remove fluoride. In fact, coca colas and other soft drinks all contain this dangerous chemical because they use tap water and filters to create soft drinks. Aso beers made in America like Budweiser, etc. contain fluoride because they use huge amounts of tap water to create beer.

Secondly, fluoride only makes teeth harder and more difficult to work on. By making the tooth harder it makes cavities more difficult to form. The problem that causes cavities still exists, nutrient deficiencies (particularly minerals). The fluoride does other things that are far more damaging to the body than a few cavities. The cavities can be prevented with good nutrition. Don't look to your dentist to educate you on good nutrition. They have no clue on what to do in that regard. They only will tell you the fluoride is what you need.

Fluoride competes in the body for iodine absorption. When fluoride is introduced into the water system, it creates iodine deficiencies in children and adults that consume the garbage water. Iodine is a necessary ingredient in all our organs, including skin. Only about 3% of the iodine ingested goes to the thyroid; the rest ends up in our organs that keeps them working well. When this was discovered, iodized salt was introduced. This only put a small bandage on the problem and now our children are not well because of this.

Fluoride is one of the most, if not the most poisonist substances known for human beings. It was used to create the Atomic Bomb. Even the American Dental Association says to keep Fluoridated toothpaste out of the reach of children. Just look on the toothpaste warning labels.

Many cultures in the world do not have tooth decay that do not use this garbage. It is just another example of how big money and the ignorance is being promoted in this country to sell something that is going to band aid a problem with the nutrition in our foods and then create other problems that are far worse.

If you use fluoride products, do this test to see if you are deficient in iodine. Paint a golf ball size spot of "Tincture of Iodine" on your chest. Note the time of day. Now, it should be there 24 hours later if you are NOT deficient. If you are deficient, your body will absorb the iodine at a very fast rate.

No wonder we have such an increase in thyroid problems. Combining the use of SOY products that slow the thyroid down and inhibit mineral absorption with fluoride, out bodies just don't have a chance in having a normal thyroid as we grow older.

Get rid of all Fluoride in anything you use. It is found in nature and is absorbed by some foods from the soil naturally. It is supposed to be a trace mineral, not a main mineral for the body. Also, do not use any products that contain Laurel Sulfate. This opens the pores and allows absorption of the Fluoride and other harmful chemicals into the body that creates toxins the body has to eliminate.

Good luck to you
Reply:not really..

eventhough fluride protects enamel ,please dont solely depend on it.properbrushing teq. also helps.

since flurides anr in ionic form in water ,cna filters prevent it? idont think
Reply:Yes, some water filters do remove large amounts of fluoride, but not all filters do. Reverse-osmosis and distillation filters are the worst I believe, and most pitcher-style filters don't remove much fluoride, but I would do some research on your particular brand of filter to make sure it isn't.

The removal of fluoride won't actually cause cavities in your teeth, you just won't have the protection against cavities that fluoride gives. Because fluoride helps to remineralize the enamel on your teeth, not having fluoride will mean that your teeth aren't as strong. People with more fluoride get fewer cavities. If you brush your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste, you probably get enough fluoride, but if you are concerned, your dentist can prescribe you fluoride supplements. Don't believe those who tell you that fluoride is a poison -- at the level that is used in drinking water, fluoride is perfectly safe, and you definitely don't want to be filtering it all out!

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