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Is it normal for a 13 year old to have cavities?

I just wanted to know if it is normal for a 13 year old to have cavities in her teeth? Because I had a sore tooth and I told my mum and she looked and said it looks like I have cavities in 3 of my teeth and she's going to take me to the dentist.

But none of my friends have ever had any fillings in their teeth, and my older sister who is 16 has never had any, and neither has my twin brother. I brush my teeth every day in the morning and at night, and I don't eat any more sweets than my brother. Is it normal that I have cavities in my teeth when I am only 13? I'm really worried about getting fillings.

Is it normal for a 13 year old to have cavities?
No. Most parents are responsible enough to take their kids to the dentist to keep problems to a minimum. You siblings may have cavities too, just your are large enough to become noticable. Once you notice a cavity then its too late.

On another note they may not be your fault. there are a lot of 12 - 16 years olds with defective 1st molars, due to a three part vaccine that was used briefly in the early 90's. Once the damage to developing structures was realized it was discontinued. I don't know all the particulars of weather it was the vaccine combo, or the preservative, or what ingredient. But every week I see at least 1 or 2 kids with bombed out 1st molars and the defective enamel and I have a gut feeling its from the vaccine. Other thinks that cuase defective teeth are infant illness, antibiotice (large doses) and so on.

Whatever it is it's always better to treat your dental needs before they are noticably painful. Once you feel pain your in for a dental treat.
Reply:uhm yeah its normal any one can
Reply:Don't be, I had fillings at nine, by thirteen most had come out on toffees. Still got one left, never even think about it.
Reply:yep, totally normal.. there is no age limit on that
Reply:I think a lot of kids your age will have cavities, or will have had them in the past, I guess your friends and your brother and sister have just been lucky to avoid cavities up until now.
Reply:yeah, you can have cavities at 13 yrs old just go to your dentist and get fillings.
Reply:Yea it is perfectly normal! Anyone that has real teeth can get cavities!
Reply:You're in good shape if you're only getting cavities now. Quit stressing.
Reply:course it is noemal. It is probably something to do with your genes!!!

I did.
Reply:Yes, you can get cavities. My daughter is 7. She still has alot of baby teeth and she has had 4 cavities. She also brushes her teeth every morning and night. And she doesn't eat much candy. Don't worry about the fillings. They will numb it before they do anything and they wont hurt that long. It's better to get them filled before you really start having pain from them.
Reply:yup i had them when i was ten just lay off the sugar and brush y'r teeth more often
Reply:yes! when my little sisters were your age they both had like 9 cavaties at once! its totally normal dont worry about it.
Reply:NO WORRIES!!!!!!!

cavities are normal..

just because you have a cavity (or two) just might mean that your tooth enamal is alot thinner than other people in your family.

i had my first filling when i was 6..

i ate nothing but apples and fruit..

no worries.. totally normal..

ask for novacaine or laughing gas.. it makes the whole experiance better!
Reply:Yes of course it is normal for a child at 13 to have A cavity. I would avoid getting too many as they will cause long run problems. Getting cavities usually depends on what you are eating and the strength of the enamel of your teeth. Basically a cavity is just a hole in your tooth which will ache because it exposes the root, aka nerve, of your tooth. There is nothing to worry about in getting the cavity filled so long as it is not a silver filling as they contain mercury and could be harmful. Just be aware of what you are eating because, as you probably know, junk foods and sweets can promote cavities and brush and floss regularly. Good hygiene is the best way to avoid cavities, root canals, etc. So..

Balance your junk food, brush regularly, and go to your dental hygenist at least once a year for a regular check up... Hope this helps
Reply:Yes, 13 year olds can have cavities. Any age can really. Some factors are the type of enamal the teeth have and the type of wy the teeth are being brushed and how frequent. Also the type of foods being eaten can effect this. Sour items wear the enamal off teeth quite fast.(Lemons, sour candy, ect.) Going to a denisit twice a year is important in perventing cavities with regular home care.
Reply:Yeah, it's normal at any age. There's not a certain age when you just start getting cavities. There are kids younger than you who have had cavities already. If you already brush twice a day, try also flossing after you brush at night, and use ACT anticavity flouride rinse. Or you can get store brand, it's cheaper. Also, if you can, dentists sometimes recommend sealants on your molars to help prevent cavities. It's just like painting on your back teeth, to help seal them so stuff doesn't get in the cracks and decay your teeth. But they wear away eventually so if you do get them it's a good idea to get them redone when your dentist notices they should be.

I have had a couple of fillings, but my dentist is really good at making the shot of novocaine not hurt, because they numb your gum first where they give you the shot. Otherwise, it hurts like a pinch but not forever. The pain of the shot is not as bad as the pain you would be in with bad teeth that weren't taken care of.

Hope this helps a bit, you won't be worried any more when your teeth are fixed.
Reply:Yes of course it's normal, especially if you eat a lot of sweets and don't floss regularly. Stay away from candy and try not to drink juice or soda's before going to bed if you don't brush your teeth before going to bed the sugar from the soda/juice stays on your teeth and eats away at them causing cavities.
Reply:It's not abnormal. Some people get cavities in their baby teeth even. In fact, my dentist tells me that people get most of their cavities when they're young and get less when they're older. It might have something to do with the body using nutrients for growing rather than teeth maintenance. I had five fillings before I was 18 and I have only had them replaced, no new ones, since. Everyone's teeth are different though, alot of it's genetic. Just because your brother and sister got the good teeth genes, doesn't mean you did. And if you all don't go to the denstist, how do you know they don't have cavities? People can have cavities for a long time before they hurt, and even after they start hurting you can get used to it so you don't notice it anymore. It's also hard for the layman without the special tools to see cavities that the dentist might spot right off.

Fillings isn't a big deal and most often doesn't hurt at all. If you don't get them filled right away while they're small though you could be looking at a root canal and that hurts.
Reply:Of cos it is normal even for 7 years old to have cavities and have them filled if the teeth are permanent and not milk teeth. As for you, it could be due to your teeth not being strong enough due to your mums low intake of calcium while pregnanting you, and also it could also be due to your low intake of milk while you were small. As soon as a baby started to have teeth, he/she should be brought to a dentist for half-yearly check up and advice. Did your mum bring you to dentist for check-up when you were small? I'm sure not. What's past is past. From now on, have your teeth checked by dentist twice a year for cavities, and also for scaling or whatever the dentist may advise if you wish to protect your teeth for a lifetime use. Daily thorough brushing and the ways it is done is of utmost importance. Ask your dentist for advice, ok?
Reply:yes it is better to make the fissure sealent for this boy to make him protected from any cavities in the future
Reply:hey i'm 13 2.and it is all normal cause i had them cavities when i was 10 and had them fillings and it didin't hurt one bit cause the dentist gave an injection to numb my mouth.although that wasn't the most comfortable moment,after the dentist numbed my mouth it felt comfortable and no pain at all ..so gud luck cause dental visit aren't that too scary...or painful
Reply:Don't worry. If you'll go to the dentist at least two times a year will be OK. Maybe you grew up to fast and didn't ate enough food that contains calcium. Not only the sweets, but the soft drinks can destroy your teeth. You must change your toothpaste, Blend-a-med or Elmex and buy a new toothbrush every month. Also you can check if you brush you teeth correctly, the dentist can teach you.

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