Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How fast do small-medium cavities grow?

I have medicaid and In my town there is only one dentist that excepts it. About 6-7 months ago they found I had 5 cavities they made me a appointment 3 months later. I went in they only filed 2 made me wait 2-3 months for another appointment to get the other 3 filed. However I forgot that it was yesterday and I missed it so they made me another appointment 1 month from now. It's a crappy dentist office and the only one that excepts medicaid. The waiting periods are ridiculous what I want to ask is do the 3 that are not filled get much bigger in thse 6 months? They are small-medium size I think no large ones. Thanks to all that answer.

How fast do small-medium cavities grow?
It all depends on your diet you can stop a cavity from getting worse by cutting back on sugar. Like soda and candy but most important if you are drinking drinks high in sugar just dont sip on them all day long or for long periods of time or if you can stand it try diet or sodas made with splend or other sweetners. Try sugar free gums and candys there just as good but not as bad for your teeth. Good luck with the dentist office.

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