Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Any remedies for some bad cavities?

Quite a few teeth on the right side of my mouth (molars) are cavities. I don't have any kind of health insurance, so I can't get them fixed right now. I haven't been able to chew food with the right side of my mouth for about 3-4 months. What can I do to alleviate pain and sensitivity? Know any home remedies or anything?

Any remedies for some bad cavities?
You really need to get the cavities fixed before they get any worse. The longer you let it go, the worse your teeth will get and you could end up with root canals or even losing your teeth. If there is no one to help you out with money, you could find a dentist that will be willing to accept a payment plan. Alot of dental offices offer a type of credit card that pays for your dental work and you pay back the credit card. Another option is to go to a dental school to get your work done. It's usually not free, but greatly discounted. The same is true to get your teeth cleaned for free or really cheap--find a dental hygiene school in your area.
Reply:IF there not deep you can save them by LOADS of brushing and flossing and giving up soda and drinks with tons of sugar. IF there deep, no there is no way to save them but have them filled. Sorries, Good Luck
Reply:You can buy tooth filling paste and tootache medicine. You should get it fixed before you end up with a root canal. Call a local college where they teach dentistry. You'll probably get a great deal. It may even be free.
Reply:Giving up sugar and brushing more WILL NOT do anything for your cavities. Decay does not go away. Many dental offices work with companies that extend credit for dental care. Call around and find one. If you want to save these teeth and save yourself alot of pain, you need to find a way to get them restored.
Reply:brush as much as you can and use mouth wash. Brush really deep to get all the bacteria out. DO NOT EAT any chocolate or drink soda. Eat and drink more fluid things. Until then only the dentist could help.

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