Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will I fail the MEPS (Navy) Medical & Dental Exam because of cavities?

I have cavities. I have no Med insurance or money to fix the cavities on my own.

Because of this, will I be denied Navy enlistment?


If everything else is OK, will I still be approved for Navy enlistment?

Will I fail the MEPS (Navy) Medical %26amp; Dental Exam because of cavities?
U will be fine, they will fill them in in Reception. Reception is were u will go before basic training, u will get ur uniforms and all of that stuff.

Ur cavities will not hurt u from getting in to the navy
Reply:I am following up on my question.

I have 4 cavities. Two in wisdom teeth. Two in regular molars.

I was not disqualified, nor did I need a waiver (and they are bad cavities where they tooth is actually broken). Report It

Reply:No, but they'll probably ask you if you're enlisting for the dental benefits.
Reply:I am not really sure, but when I enlisted in the Navy (back in 1987) I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I passed the physical, because the Navy took out my wisdom teeth after I enlisted (two in bootcamp, two more while I was in school).

If your cavities require only minor dental work, you can probably get the work done in bootcamp.
Reply:Didn't used to be a problem, but that was a few years ago. Dental problems, unless really severe, hardly affect your duties. Furthermore, dental problems don't generally require long-term care. In most cases, regulations to the contrary notwithstanding, those are the the guiding criteria for acceptance.

As I said, my information is dated I got out about 20 years ago, and I was in boot camp 25 years before that.

You need to ask the recruiter. But, remember, he's not the one that makes the decision, therefore his/hers is only an educated opinion -- but it will no doubt be more current than mine.
Reply:No. You only need enough teeth in your head to perform eating and speaking.
Reply:No, i dont even recall them doing an extensive dental exam at meps. However when you get to boot camp you will go through all of that and they will fix you right up.
Reply:Hmm good question. I would chat with the guys on navy.com… they will know (or they will know who to ask). Good luck!


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