Monday, April 27, 2009


i have to go to the dentist in a few days to get a cavity filled...and the dentist said that he wouldnt have to use a needle to do it so how will he fill it?!?!

It depends where is the cavity. If its one of the front teeth, then they will use tooth-coloured fillings but if its one of the molars, then they will use amalgam (the silver ones as they are tougher against impact). Whether the dentist will be using needle or not, it also depends if you currently have toothache or sensitivity to touch. They don't use needles for filling but to numb the area if only necessary or upon patient's request.
Reply:They give u shots with a needle, but when i got my cavity filled my dentist a little tool and pressed it down on my tooth and i didnt feel a thing but when she did the roof of my mouth to numb it that hurt that was the only thing that hurt lol.

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