Monday, April 27, 2009

Cavities? ....?

1. When,they are getting repaired, what is put inside them? (eg fluoride...)

2.Does the stuff that they put inside stay forever, or does it repair the tooth and "go" away

3. Is the tooth supposed to feel rougher then usual, when you roll your tongue over it?

Thanks i appreciate it

Cavities? ....?
Cavities usually get filled.
Reply:All i know is when u go to the dentist they scrape a bit of white off by the cavity and then fill it up with this white stuff...i have to cavities and im goin to the dentist tomoz.

Reply:Most dentists these days use a polymer (hard plastic like material) to fill teeth. It is white and they color it to match your existing tooth color. The old way was with mixture of metals, including mercury, called amalgam. Don't use a dentist that still fills teeth with this.

Usually they will sand and polish the filling to match your bite. Any small imperfections should wear off quickly. If not, call your dentist and have him clean it up for you. It should be a no charge visit.

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