Monday, April 27, 2009

I have 12 CAVITIES!!?

I have read several other posts regarding cavities but I just cannot stop thinking about all the damn cavities I have. I haven't been to the dentist in about 3 years, (big mistake, will make sure to go every 6 months from here on out) I had only had 3 cavities prior to this and when I was in high school like 6 years ago. I had seen two brown spots on two different teeth and thought yep, its time to go to the dentist...well turns out i didn't just have 2 I HAVE friggen 12, small ones of course cause he was showing me where there were little holes in my molars but they weren't even black or I was kinda shocked. I go back in one week to have one side of my mouth done which is 6....I'm really scared because its been so long since I had gotten a cavity filled and having 6 done at one time oh man, not looking forward to it. They also wanted to do a deep cleaning but the nurse and told me I didn't really need it as long as I used a mouthwash they gave me and got regular cleanings.

I have 12 CAVITIES!!?
Awe man, everyones mean! Some people dont understand how nervous some people get and how costly it can be also and nobody has great dental insurance it all sucks!

I always put off going to the dentist, and thats what just got me in to have a molar pulled, and of course I could NOT be awake for it so i told them to take my 4 wisdom teeth too JUST SO i could be asleep!

If I remember correctly, I had a realllyy bad cavity filled 2 years ago. It was not that bad. Its the cleanings that bother me, all that scraping just erks my nerves a little too much! You'll be ok! Just keep telling them you can still feel it and you need more novacaine until you know your good and numb! =] Good Luck sweetie

Your very welcome! I hope everything goes good for you! you believe in brushing your teeth?!!!
Reply:errr... that sucks baddd...
Reply:Regular brushing and flossing after meals and at bedtime should prevent future cavities. Since they're small, the dental work shouldn't be rough on you.
Reply:I am a little confused on the you don't really need a deep cleaning, but they said you did? You either do or don't. There is no inbetween. If you have lots of buildup beneath the gumline, and/or gum disease/bone loss with pocketing, you need a deep cleaning. Mouthwash alone is not going to make a difference on you needing a deep cleaning or not. You also need to floss. Flossing is the most important detail over looked by most. It is what prevents most cavities and bone loss.
Reply:The good news is that some of the cavities were small that your dentist caught, and are usually pretty quick and easy to fix. As far as having 6 done in one visit, it is probably going to turn out to be a great idea. You only have to get that side numbed up once and the dentist can usually go fairly quickly from cavity to cavity. Imagine how sick of the dentist you'd be if you had to get your cavities fixed in 12 visits! It may help you relax if you bring something to listen to (I'm sure you have an iPod or something?) while the dentist works. Plan on spoiling yourself a little bit that day...whenever I have to do something I dread, I treat myself me something to look forward to as well. Good luck!

Oh, as far as your wisdom teeth go...if they're fine, just leave them. Glad your dentist was OK with that! :)

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