Monday, April 27, 2009


ok im sry to get so mean about this but i have said like a dozen times that my dentist said that he didnt have to use a needle to numb it because my cavity wasnt very bad...but that was 3 months how much worse has the cavity gotten and how will he do it w/o a needle???

Your cavity is probably very surface and not deep into the dentin(under the enamel). It is a good thing that your cavity was found before it became deep, and now you don't have to be numb for a few hours, which means after you leave the office you can eat and drink and talk normal!! If you are nervous that is is going to hurt, he would probably get you numb if you wanted, but really it is good that you don't have to have any anesthetic!!! Try it, and then let him know if you are uncomfortable.....good luck
Reply:its not going to hurt at all without a needle b/c i tried it before. trust me, the needle is worse. their just going to drill it without no pain or pressure. believe me, i thought it was going to hurt but it didnt so good luck! :)
Reply:Any cavity that is not too deep that it does not require a root canal can be managed without a needle unless you are very sensitive. The needle in the mouth can be far less painless than anywhere else in the body. Thats what i think. So you have two painless options!
Reply:There's no way of knowing how much the cavity has grown in 3 months, but the longer you wait, the more likely that you will have to be numb. If the dentist says that the tooth won't need to be numbed than it must be a very small cavity. There are two ways that he can go about removing the decay. He can use a hand piece (aka: a drill). It will spray lots of water and be a bit noisy but can remove the decay very quickly. There are also air abrasion units. Basically, it's a little sand blaster that only removes decay. Goes very quickly but the powder goes everywhere and doesn't taste that good. Both options work very well and if you start to feel something uncomfortable, let them know and they will numb you. Good luck

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