Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay so I have a tiny cavity in my back tooth! I'm really scared to go to the dentist!! Does having a cavity filled hurt?? Thanks!!

Hello, you know there was a time when I couldn't in good faith tell someone that dental procedures are for the most part completely painless...Today however, techniques, materials and procedures are so good that painless dentistry is pretty much the rule...A small cavity is certainly one issue that falls in the painless division...So, settle down, your going to do just fine and be completely surprised at how little discomfort you feel, both during and after the cavity is filled...Good luck and have a great day, I wish you well.
Reply:No, it doesn't hurt at all. The dentist will give you some local anesthetic so you don't feel it. You may feel some pressure and/or vibrations, but that's it.

they like numb your tooth or gum.

and you won't feel anything.
Reply:It hurts a tiny bit when they give you a small shot to numb your gums. Other then that its painless.
Reply:Honestly it depends on the dentist.
Reply:Filling the cavity doesn't hurt it is the anaesthetic that pinches a bit.
Reply:You get anesthetic IF NEEDED (most of the time). Try and find a recommended dentist and TELL them you are afraid, they should be sympathetic....if you are very scared just get a clean first or consider sedation (avoid if can)

p.s. a needle should by no worse than a small pinch
Reply:no you wont feel a thing. And dont feel scared, it wont hurt at all. First they will numb and you will feel a slight pinch but dont worry it feels like a small pinch, not a big deal. just dont think about it and dont worry it will all be over before you know it. I am never scared when i go because it doesnt hurt. So dont worry it doesnt hurt. Hope this helps:)

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