Monday, April 27, 2009


My tooth just started hurting earlier this week and I noticed a black hole the size of the end of a pen cap has formed on my tooth (cavity), has this gone so far that I am going to have to get it pulled or will they be able to fill it. I am going to try to go to the doctor soon as possible. What will they have to do anyone know, any help will be helpful thank you!

As long as big pieces of the tooth aren't missing it can be saved. Your dentist will ask if it's sensitive to hot, cold, or sugars and then test it with something cold. It will either need a filling, or if the cavity is big a root canal.
Reply:most of the time they can fill it. they give you a local after taking x-rays and do it with you being awake. no worries you dont feel much more than a bee sting and it is done
Reply:You likely have a cavity.

The dentist will probably take an xray to determine how "deep" the cavity is, and depending on the finding, your treatment can be a simple filling, or may include some endodontic treatment in addition to the filling. Only the most extreme cases require extraction. Dentists want to save teeth, not extract them so will do what they can to keep your tooth.

Good Luck!

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