Monday, April 27, 2009


I have to go get some caivities filled on Tuesday. Problem is i am terrified of shots. This is all i am thinking about and its driving me insane. After Tuesday i have to go back again too!

Anyone know of any other option besides shots or laughing gas?


Okay trust me on this one the needle doesn't hurt at all!!! I'm petrified of needles and the dentist I nearly cry every time and I'm an adult, they put something in your mouth to numb you then the needle and you don't feel it, if your still scared go see a pain free dentist
Reply:Go to one of those new "painless dentists" who put you under anesthesia, even for minor work.
Reply:Some doctors can put you to sleep while they work on your mouth.
Reply:Call the dentist, tell them you are phobic of needles and having panic attacks already.

Ask them if they willl give you xanax or valium to calm your anxiety.

this is the only way for them to get me in the chair!!

Also--- if your insurance or mom is paying the bill--- go for the gas!!

it's awesome!!

My friends teased me about all my dental work, they said i went just to get the gas!!!

It takes away all fear.

#1. call your dentist, and be honest and tell them you have super needle phobia and ask if they can perscribe something for your anxiety?

#2. if they say no, ask them about the gas.

#3. call you medical doctor and ask for xanax or valium.

good luck
Reply:Just sit back and relax...close your eyes....dentists are so gentle and they will be done before you know it. Take the gas and enjoy you will want to come back.
Reply:I just got one done, No biggy. You can't even feel the needle, its so small. the 1st time i got it done, I had no idea he had even given me the shot, easy easy. You will be fine. better to get the small cavity filled rather then having to do more stuff like root canals.
Reply:if you talk to your dentist they may be able to write you a small prescription for valium or something comprable. you would take it before your appt. and the hope is that it will relax you enough that you will be able to handle the anesthesia shot. a syringe in your mouth is a scary concept, but it really does just feel like a pinch. it is considerably less painful than a beesting. and if you let your dentist know you are uneasy, he or she will be patient and let you know exactly what is happening. just close your eyes and breathe deep. if your dentist does not want to write you a prescription, research dentists that offer "sedation dentistry". or just ask your friends if they have happy pills.
Reply:oh,c' won't even feel the needle's so small.Don't worry, you will survive without pain...and please...only local anesthesia for small cavities...not gas or something else...what for?...local is ok even for root don't feel anything.

good luck...

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