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im getting my braces off on friday and my orthodontist had allready found two cavaties. i hate getting them filled! ive done it alot before but i just cant stand it! any way to make it easier?

Hi! I've been in dentistry for over 25 years and no one likes having a filling done, but you must. What I tel my patients to do is crank of their iPod and don't worry about it. The best thing is to relax, let the dentist do what he has to do and put you mind in another place.

I find that by the time I'm done, most pf my patients are clueless that I have finished. Not doing this will end up in a root canal at 7 times the expense and a lot of pain. So turn up the tunes, zone out and you will be on your way home before you have the time to get upset. Good luck and congratulations on getting your braces off. Think about how hot you will look!! M
Reply:nope, make sure you keep your tongue away though
Reply:Just Grin and bear it* there is no easy way to get it done. if your don't want the problem . he can always pull them out I suppose. But then you have to get to fake teeth to replace them..

the easiest way to take care of a cavity???.

Brush and floss and watch the sweet stuff
Reply:yea, brush ur teeth more!
Reply:To make it better, start brushing your teeth better and floss. I've worked in and ortho office for almost two years and i know thats exactly the reason why you have cavities... just get the existing cavities filled and start brushing better and flossing is an absolute must.

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