Monday, April 27, 2009

Whiten cavities??

Cavities, ranging from brown to black, do they get whitened when teeth get whitened? If not, how do you make teeth with cavities whiter? Are veneers the only option?

Also, can you get veneers if you have cavities?

Whiten cavities??
ok.tell me this..whn u say cavities range from brown to black,ur talking abt untreated cavities?coz cavities are spposed to be treated right away n thn thy look either tooth coloured or silver depending on the material used.

if u decide to get bleaching done thn the cavities can be filled with a whiter shade of the material n ur problem is solved.

veneers are usually done for front teeth that have cavities and need to be covered partially or if you have cavities on ur front teeth and u want those teeth to look bright..go for venners.

veneers are also given as a solution for whiter teeth but it really ain't worth the damage thy cause ur teeth.

if white teeth is all u want..get external whitening or bleaching done
Reply:No responsible dentist would ignore cavities and whiten your teeth for you. If you have cavities, you need to get fillings, there's no other option. If you don't want silver fillings, you can pay more to have composite fillings which will match the colour of your teeth.

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