Monday, April 27, 2009


Is there anything that can be done (besides the obvious flossing and brushing) to keep a cavity from getting bigger until you can get it filled?

If the cavity is an open hole you may get some relief by using some over-the-counter temporary filling material such as Dentemp. This may make you more comfortable, but won't significantly slow the decay process.

If there is no pain a couple of weeks one way or the other is unlikely to make much of a difference. A couple of months--maybe. You shouldn't plan on waiting.

Steve Bornfeld, DDS
Reply:ummm......... know not exactly the only otha thing i can think of is like stay away ffrom wat gave u the cavity it will make it worse but if u stay away it should be fine i have had cavitys before this is wat my dentist said
Reply:well try not to eat as many sweeets and tey those tooth paste that has cavity control that way it wont grow
Reply:I'd say stop eating sugar. That will only make it bigger and then cause pain.

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