Monday, April 27, 2009


do cavities have to be circles? I have these brown lines on the inside of my tooth. are these carivites or are they just the roots on my tooth?

Its probably just stain, try brushing with a bit of baking soda.
Reply:Cavitives come in all sizes and shapes. You may want a dentist to check it out...i have 2 cavities but I show no visiblity of them..But the dentist told me I have them...
Reply:yes go to dentist and get it checked also it mite not hurt on that tooth my mom had one and it hurt on other side of mouth
Reply:yeah they are cavities most likely. i've had over 12 fillings done due to cavitites and a root canal. yeah i know my teeth are hard to keep up with. You should just get it checked out cavities can be anywhere and look like anything.

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