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Tooth cavities?


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Tooth cavities?

i have lots of tiny cavities in my teeth and i also have braces.

i'm going to the dentist soon and i am scared because i have always had good teeth

i think the reason i got cavities is because of my dry mouth but i'm not relly sure

i'm scared. any advice for me??

Tooth cavities?
i didnt get my first cavities til a few years ago.

i didnt go to the dentist for years.

a lot of tiny cavities is better then a single huge one.

dont worry about it. the dentist prolly wont fill them on this visit depending. he/she might numb if he/she does fill them.

dont stress about it
Reply:Brush, floss and use a flouride rinse such as ACT. If you eat something sticky make sure to brush right after or at the very least rinse well with water. Good Luck.
Reply:Brush mornings, sometimes noons, and at nights. Mornings %26amp; Nights especialllly.

Floss your teeth Oh, this works for me. By that stuff, that cavities protecter stuff, it comes in a bottle.

Don't be scared because I'm gonna wish you the bestest of luck ever
Reply:Nothing to be scared about, best to go to the dentist to get them checked out. I use to ignore by teeth assuming my flossing and brushing was enough, but still found myself getting cavities. ( finding out the hardway with pain and getting root canals) Over time found to realize that part of maintaing health teeth was to also have regular dental cleanups and checkups. If you are getting cavities best to stop them early before they get deeper into the root, in which case you might need root canals, etc.

So don't be scared, a visit to dentist is part of any maintaing good dental hygiene.

In case you looking for more information on cavities check otut this link.

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