Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cavities filled, check... now I'm kinda aching, is that normal?

Just wondering! The ache isn't terrible, but I know one of the cavities was deep. Is aching normal?

Cavities filled, check... now I'm kinda aching, is that normal?
i ache after fillings too, usually for about 2 days. so its nothing to worry about. especially if you know it was a deep one, that meant they had to drill more. if you had more than one done at a time, then aching should be expected. take some tylenol and maybe ice it. thats what i do.
Reply:depending on when you got the cavities filled. If they were filled today or very recently, then it's normal to experience some aching for a few days. I always do, every time.
Reply:You should experience a normal "sensitivity" towards a new filling, which may occur with a specific type of material such as resin/composite - some find Amalgam to produce less sensitivity. The sesnsitivity could last up to a month.

If the decay is deeper than expected, its possible that you may need a root canal. Best bet is to wait, if you experience actual pain, get it checked out with a dentist and have an x-ray taken to see if you need a root canal.
Reply:Yea I just had 7 fillings and I have some aching. I got amalgam (silver) fillings and I am really sensitive to hot and especially cold.
Reply:Yes, it's normal, especially if the dentist had to drill deep to remove the old filling. Sometimes, before the new filling is put in, the dentist has to drill out any tooth decay that's present. It may cause some aching as well.

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