Friday, November 13, 2009

Why do I keep getting cavities???

Ever since I was little I ALWAYS have had cavities. When I was 4 i had a root canal. And every year after that I always had at least 3 cavities at a time. A few months ago I got 6 cavities filled. Im 14 btw. I brush my teeth everyday and always make sure they are clean. My brother barely brushes his teeth and he gets none!! What's wrong with me? I don't like getting cavities they hurt!!

Why do I keep getting cavities???
Some people are just more prone to cavities than others. My wife got her first cavity only a few years ago, and it's not like she brushes all the time. I get lots of cavities, and I brush twice a day and floss %26amp; everything. Unfortunately it seems you are cursed with bad tooth genes. There are some things you can do to reduce cavities though:

- Brush teeth at least twice daily

- Floss at least once a day

- Use mouthwash, I use Act which is supposed to be good

- Don't chew ice cubes! This can weaken your teeth

- Avoid sugar foods like soft drinks and candy

Ask your dentist - if you have that many cavities your dentist should be concerned and should give you advice.
Reply:don't blame yourself. I eat sugar and brush my teeth, but never floss. I'm 29 and have had one cavity. It's your saliva, its probably more acidic than most people. My sister is the same way, just bad luck I guess.
Reply:Probably nothing is wrong with you,,,

Ask your Dr if you could possable have a germ that is contributing to your cavities,, my dentist gave me a prescription for peridex mouthwash ( tastes bad ) works great!!!! And a prescription for prevident toothpaste. Not a single cavity since. And yes I had a root canal at 5 so I feel you.

Also you can chew gum with Xilitol in it,, the xilitol sugar inhibits the bad germs that make cavities. It's actually good for your teeth when you can not brush.

Good luck
Reply:You might not have much enamel on your teeth. Enamel is pretty much a protective coating. That's my problem. I feel for you. I've lost count of how many root canals I've had =( I've had so many to I prefer those to getting a cavity filled, really. This is because although they hurt, I'm so out of it from all the meds(I have sensitive teeth), that I can't feel it, and can barely hear it(again, I'm in a total daze), whereas with fillings, they just barely numb it, so they get sore, and I can hear the whole thing and feel the jarring effect of the drill(%26gt;.%26lt;) I've had root canals, I have porcelin veneers, teeth pulled, and atleast one abcess.

If the cavities really bother you, ask your dentist about getting sealants. They're little plastic-like coverings that cover your teeth to protect them.

Anyways, did you take antibiotics as a child? I did for ear infections, because the doctor didn't want to put tubes in. the meds killed what little enamel was on them...That may be to blame?
Reply:You can take "calci vita", which is a calsium suppliment that your body probably needs

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