Saturday, November 14, 2009

He has 2 cavities.?

My 2 7/2 yr old son has 2 cavities.Do you think the dentist will fill it.Ibrush his teeth regulary but i know he got them from falling asleep with the bottle in his mouth.any advice or suggestions.He really loves this bottle,i want to stop him from using it too.

He has 2 cavities.?
you have to take him to the dentist ... you don't need a parenting class... just whine him off the bottle... no it's not easy but it's better for him in the long run....start changing it up he's going to fuss but you have to get the bottle out of the picture....
Reply:Get him to a dentist and slowly switch the juice for water..slowly start diluting what you put in his bottle or glass with water
Reply:wow thats not good try taking a parenting course

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