Monday, November 16, 2009

Dental - cavities?

my dentist told me i have to remove 4 of my inner teeth due to cavities.i am only 26 and i really don't wanna do it.if i leave it just like that ..will it affect my other teeth?

Dental - cavities?
If you have cavities, you need to get them fixed as soon as possible.

A cavity of course can get larger and cause toothaches, but even more insidiously, they serve as reservoirs for the germs that causes tooth decay.

Hiding in the cavities where you cannot reach them with a toothbrush, those germs grow back all over your mouth literally in minutes after brushing your teeth. That's why people with cavities find it so hard to keep that sticky white gunky bacterial plaque off their teeth, and it turns into a vicious cycle-- The inability to control the plaque leads to even more cavities.

Whatever is needed (fillings, root canal/post/crown, extractions, etc.) depends on how badly the tooth has decayed. Whatever you do, get it fixed as soon as you can. Don't let the rotting teeth fester.
Reply:You may get gum disease if you leave them as they are
Reply:Go to a different can't walk around without teeth!
Reply:It depends on how much decay you have!! If there is too much decay to save the teeth then I am afraid you will have to have them removed. I would go get a second opinion - it may be possible to save the teeth, however they would be heavily filled with fillings.

You must get something done because yes if you leave them - the teeth will eventually fall out anyway - and the dentist is correct the decay will spread to other teeth especially if you have poor oral hygiene.

If they do have to be removed it wont be all that bad you can have a bridge or get false teeth to fill in the gaps. or alternatively you can have implants but these are only available privately are thus are extremely expensive (£1000-£2000 per tooth).

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