Saturday, November 14, 2009

I need help! I have 2 cavities, I want to get them filled but...?

I just got a root canal and plus last summer I got so many fillings for my cavities. I feel so bad because I'm always the one in my family with all the problems. I need advice. I don't want my parents to yell at me because last time I promised i wouldn't eat any more candy or have any more cavities but the problem was that when I got my root canal done, I already had the two cavities but I was too scared to bring them up. ALSO, there was one cavity that I had last year but I never brought it up because I didn't think it'd be a big deal but now it's a big deal because I can feel some sort of hole in the tooth. I don't know how to approach my parents because I feel like I keep wasting their money. HELP, please.

I need help! I have 2 cavities, I want to get them filled but...?
You poor thing, you can not do this to yourself. If you have cavities you have to get them taken care of now!! The longer they are sitting there the worse they are getting. I don't know if you know but a cavity is bacteria that is basically eating a hole in your teeth if you leave it there long enough. If you don't take care of these cavities they will turn into root canals and I am sure you know that it is not a good experience and it is more expensive then just having a cavity filled. Don't be afraid, you have to do this. They are your parents and they should be concerned about your well being and not get mad about it. If you are eating a lot of candy then just make sure that you floss and brush every morning and night and you should be okay. Sometimes people who don't even eat candy or sweets still get cavities a lot. Good luck.
Reply:It is important that you get the cavities filled ASAP or they too may turn into root canals! If that happens, you may need a crown and that is FAR more expensive than two cavities!!

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