Monday, November 16, 2009

How will the dentist get rid of my cavities in between my front teeth? whats are the cons of this?

Ive seen cavities between my front teeth under the light of my phone but you cant actually see it visibly. What will the dentist do exactly to fix this?

If i get fillings will it still be ok if i floss there or will that take my fillings off? How long does it take cavities form and how long do fillings last?? PLEASE HELP I HAVE REALLY BAD TEETH :,(

How will the dentist get rid of my cavities in between my front teeth? whats are the cons of this?
A clear cut answer:

-caries " cavities" in anterior teeth digs more in the back surface "palatal", than the face "labial surface".. so when u see is very small in the labial surface it's mostly big inside ..

-caries in anterior teeth reaches the pulp fast, because the tooth substance is not thick " narow enamel and denten" . making it more difficult to treat.

-caries in anterior teeth makes the look bad as it's very obvious.

these three causes make it important to visit ur dentist to have a fillings..

the filling will be the same shade as ur teeth.

the filling will be in the contour of ur teeth, so we maintain the interdental spaces, and u can floss as u want and good fillings will not be affected..
Reply:Dentists can usually drill out the cavities and replace them with fillings. Fillings can be made to match, or closely match your natural tooth color. You can also have crowns put on, depending on how much damage has been done. Fillings and crowns are usually difficult to dislodge, so flossing should not be a problem.
Reply:I had something like that - a chipped tooth and one that was dark (I knocked it about as a child jumping into the swimming pool). The dentist capped both of the teeth, it cost a lot but was worth it. I guess that is what she/he will do.

Yes, you can still floss, in fact you get so used to the crowns you don't even remember they are not your real teeth.

Good luck! Your lovely smile will soon be right back!!

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