Saturday, November 14, 2009

No cavities?

im 17 and have never had a cavity. i have had about as much candy and chocolate as most people my age in my life, maybe even more. how is it possible that i still have not had any cavities?? im just curious.

No cavities?
I am 26 and have had my fair share of cavities. I love sweets and eat them a lot, but I also brush daily and floss fairly often too. I do know people who never brush and have never had any cavities. I know my earliest cavity was caused by a misshaped tooth which didn't allow proper cleaning, but I think the biggest factor depends on how much and how dense the enamel on your teeth is. Just like bones, there are different shapes, thicknesses, and densities for teeth. If the enamel is thick and dense it will be strong to resist the formation of cavities. But I'm no doctor.
Reply:I am 27 and have never had a cavity. I love sweet stuff too. The only thing I have ever come up with is I drink a lot of milk and take good care of my teeth.
Reply:i have never had a cavity either...we are just blessed with good teeth...yeah us!!! it is a total bragging right by the way...
Reply:Two possibilites, first one is you may be like my brother who had not one cavity in his life 'till he turned 25. Second, maybe your parents had your teeth sealed and you don't remember. Either way, consider yourself lucky.
Reply:Some people just have stronger enamel. I know a lot of people who take care of their teeth like crazy and eat no sweets and have a mouth full of dental work. Count your blessings, but also be aware that this may change if you move somewhere with less fluoride in the water.
Reply:some people are just luckier than others, good dental care is important but some people are just genetically blessed with tougher teeth.
Reply:i'm 56 and never had a cavity
Reply:It is good not to have cavities (trust me). Don't even worry about it.
Reply:I guese your just lucky. I just, just had a cavity fixed.

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