Saturday, November 14, 2009

What are chacnes of having cavities after braces? HELP!?

Ok I get my braces off in 2 days, so I am really excited about it after having them on for 3 1/2 years. What are the chances of having cavities? I usually brush my teeth just once a day (but i rinse my mouth out VERY well after every meal), and sometimes I'll get lazy and just brush them once every other day. I was kinda freaked out about the possiblilty of cavities, but a couple months ago I went in to a dentist (or maybe it was a hygeinest) and they said I was cavity free after doing all the X-Rays, and every time I go into the dentist for my braces, they say I do such a good job keeping them clean (they are pretty white). I might be lazy, but when it comes to ACTUALLY brushing my teeth, i make sure I do it right. Could they have been wrong, or am I just paranoid?

What are chacnes of having cavities after braces? HELP!?
You have the same chances of getting cavities after braces as you did before you got your braces. But, if you went to your dentist and they said your mouth was cavity free, then you are probably safe for the time being.

Your main problem might be tracks from not brushing your teeth like you should. Like after every meal.

I brushed my teeth immediately after every meal and snack because I did not want tracks, and I brushed for 2 minutes and sometimes longer. When I went to my dentist, they always told me I did such a good job keeping my teeth clean, but a week and a half ago when I got my braces off after having them on for a year and a half, 4 teeth were discolored. They were yellow, but not bad, but I had to get whitening strips to get it off.

If you do end up getting whitening strips, I definetely reccomend Aquafresh Whitening Trays. They noticeably whitened my teeth in just 2 days.
Reply:they're not wrong. if you have recently been to the dentist and you have no cavities you probably dont have one now and have nothing to worry about. just keep brushing! and even if you DO have a cavity, It'll be ok. Its not like you have to have surgery or anything ;) But good luck with getting your braces off! thats so exciting!! I've only had mine for a year :(


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