Friday, November 13, 2009

Two dental cavities?

I have two dental cavities in the exact same place on the top of my canine teeth (aka fangs if you do not know the terminology). They are relatively small (1mm diameter), circular and not at all painful.

I brush twice a day, mouthwash excessively and eat very little sugary foods, if any! Why the hell is the happening?

I booked a dentist appointment for Monday and was just wondering if anyone had an experience with treatment and what the likely prognosis is.

Thanks x

Two dental cavities?
The problem you have is probably either abfraction or abrasion. When you visit your dentist he/she will be able to correctly diagnosis it just by looking at it. Abrasion is caused by brushing too hard and/ or using a toothbrush with hard bristles. NEVER brush with a hard or medium toothbrush, ALWAYS soft or extra soft and do not brush aggressively. As long as you brush lightly, but thouroughly you're getting the job done. Abfraction is currently a theory and has a long explanation. But basically according to your occlusion(the way your teeth come together whne you bite), over time, your teeth flex and move very microscopically and the enamel starts wearing away at the CEJ(cementoenamal junction).It's a long explanation so I'll let you look it up. The link is below.
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Reply:OK, so your saying that you appear to have two auspicious looking areas on two of your "Cuspids", you have four, two upper and two lower. You also say that those areas appear to be "cavity's". You also say that they are (1 millimeter each in diameter). Wow, now that's small. The average Pin Head is about two and a half times that size. In any event, let me ask you this, did you decide they were cavities because they looked like they were or did you probe them with the point of a pin or other small sharp device and find they were "holes" in the surface of your teeth? Such cavities are not uncommon and referred to by most as "Pin Hole Cavities". Why they developed you will probably never know, but be assured they can be dealt with by your dental professional Getting immediate attention was certainly the right thing to do.

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