Friday, November 13, 2009

Dentist...cavities...sister Please, anyone reply?

My sister has been brushing and flossing 3 times a day for the past 6 months to prevent cavities, and I haven't brushed at all pretty much. We went to the dentist and she got 2 cavities and I got none. She was very upset and would like to know how this could have happened. She is very worried about these 2 cavities, because the dentist told her that they were very large and she was lucky she didn't have to get a root canal or extraction. He showed her the xrays and she said she could definately see the holes.

What can she do to prepare to get them filled. She is DEATHLY afraid of the dental drill--no matter how small it is. Could you please tell me what I can to to comfort her, and what may be wrong with her brushing habits?

Dentist...cavities...sister Please, anyone reply?
She may have no problem with her brushing and flossing. Just make you brush at night as one of your 3 times. That is the most important time. Also, rinse out with water after eating carbs since that is what bacteria feed on. If the cavities are big, it may have started before the past 6 months. Diet is just as important, so avoid eating sugar and breads especially later in the day.
Reply:The brushing isn't the problem, you just may have fewer cavity causing bacteria than her. If she adds xylitol to her daily routine (5 to 15 grams over the course of the day). It helps kill bacteria. Google Xylitol and buy it online, or I get some gum from Target called Ice Breakers and chew a piece for 10 to 20 minutes 6 to7 times a day. The xylitol must be the first listed ingredient to be effective.

As for the fillings, it's not a moral failing to get decay, just misinformation about how it all works. Tell her to request a mild sedative from the dentist, like 10mg of valium, 2mg of Ativan, 20mg of Dalmane... to help calm her down. A lot of times, the anxiety about the unknown is worse that the treatment itself

Good Luck
Reply:Okay different bacteria effect people differently..and peoples immune systems react to bacteria differently. There is a term called the "specific plaque hypothesis" that states this.. certain bacteria cause certain disease and not everyone has the same bacteria.. Therefore your sister had a certain bacteria which caused cavities.. (Streptococcus mutans %26amp; Acid loving Lactobacillus) she is harboring these bacteria and her immune system isn't fighting them properly therefore she is getting cavities.. but maybe you aren't harboring them therefore you aren't getting them or just your immune system is battleing them better than hers. Brushing and flossing help but can not prevent these bacteria from multiplying again after she had done so. I would just recommend making sure she see's the dentist every 6 months (or less if needed) and keep up the brushing and flossing. Make sure she is brushing and flossing right though. You may possibly want to recomment to her using a sonic-care toothbrush.. this will remove more bacteria - they are expensive but show really good results. Also, maybe you could recommend her bringing music to listen to during the procedure to preoccupate her and also so she doesn't hear the drill. I hope this helps!

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