Sunday, May 16, 2010

Help!!! Teeth cavities *3*?

my denist appointment is in 20 min and im having my cavities filled im so scared i cant hardly breathe

any tips help ect

Help!!! Teeth cavities *3*?
Cavities are easy to take care of. The novacaine shot may sting a little, but it's not really very painful at all. It numbs up very fast so when they drill, you don't feel any pain at all.

You'll basically just lay there while the dentist and a hygenist work on you. It's annoying to have all the tools in your mouth, but I promise, it's really not a painful experience at all.

Take some deep breaths and relax. It'll be over before you know it
Reply:Relax at least you are not getting a root canal cavity fillings are a breeze!!
Reply:It's ok...not bad at all..just's quick and it doesn't hurt...honestly
Reply:getting fillings is not that bad relax and try not to flinch. it will be over b4 you know it.
Reply:You will be fine...its such a simple thing to have done...Your dentist will give you an injection to numb the area (( its like a pin prick then you cant feel a thing )) Ive had 2 fillings done without the injection of anesthtic and was fine and it didnt hurt

(( one of them fillings there was no drill the second one was ))

Oh yeah the drill ISNT scary

I prommise you

You will be fine,

Tell us how it goes

Emma x
Reply:I'm a dental assistant. Having cavitys filled is a simple procedure. If your feeling a bit nervous tell the dentist, ask him/her to explain what their doing as they go along. (some prefer not to know !) Once your numb - the rest is easy. ....relax!
Reply:I wish I got to your question earlier. Your appointment is causing a panic attack. The above answers are nice, but they don't address the basic issue. I hope to heck that your dentist pays attention to these concerns of yours.

You can contact me directly if needed

Good Luck

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