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I have cavities in all 4 of my wisdom teeth but the dentist is telling me wait six months becuase he says they

will be fully out then or just about, he said then I can make the decision pull them and aparently at that point it will be easy and painless (in comparison to doing it now) or just fill them since he says that they are straight and since they have all finally come trough the gum it should be ok. My concern is it gave me a minor infection as it came in and isnt waiting 6 months with cavities bad? Any opinions would you keep em? pull em? or wait and see like the dentist says? By the way he was a dental surgeon

I have cavities in all 4 of my wisdom teeth but the dentist is telling me wait six months becuase he says they
I wouldn't be too worried about them. Caries in teeth can spread very quickly, but with good oral hygiene, they can also be arrested (stopped) and re-mineralized. Also, because they are in wisdom teeth and you will probably get them pulled anyways, why pay $500 to fix the fillings when you will pull the teeth anyways. Usually you should get cavities filled as soon as possible, but because the doctor is considering pulling them anyways, don't waste your money.
Reply:If they aren't bothering you then just have them filled. The only reason to pull them is if they cause you pain or bother you. What point is there to pull them if they aren't a problem???
Reply:You could get a second opinion from another dentist. But he is the expert, so I would heed the advice to wait. Keep up the good oral hygiene in the meantime, including flossing.
Reply:I would have them pulled and then get false teeth
Reply:It's purely up to you, but I would seek another Oral Surgeon because from all I know, and I'm no Dentist! But-Wisdom teeth can appear to be emerging and swell right back over! Up and down, meanwhile you can get a toothache or need a root canal! So get it over with I say and see if another Doc would just pull them and avoid problems!
Reply:what he's saying is that taking them out now will be far more work, more pain, and more recovery for you. if the dentist says you can wait 6 months than i think you can. probably what will happen is that they can simply be filled once their out. trust me as a person who has had his wisdom teeth taken out, fillings are much less painful.
Reply:a year and a half ago I had 4 cavities when I went to the dentist (to be taken care of @ $185 each)

was going to wait until I got my new job - with dental insurance

along the way - found ToothSoap - started using last May1

in January when I finally went to the new dentist - NO - NO cavities!

my teeth had re-enameled!
Reply:If you have decay in all 4 of your wisdom teeth, I can surmise 2 things:

-some part of each tooth is already erupted totally through

the bone


-you are having trouble keeping them clean.

I do not know what your dentist saw that made him say wait 6 months, but if you are concerned about his advice, get a second opinion.

This is always a good idea with wisdom tooth extraction anyway.

Good luck!
Reply:The dentist should give you some antibiotics for the infection, put on temp fillings to keep them from bothering you again, then pull them in 6 months. If you don't feel comfortable having them extracted, see another dentist, and don't mention the prognosis or suggestions of the first one.
Reply:I had one w/ a cavity,,,got it filled....never had to have them pulled. I'd get the fillings and if they don't hurt, leave them could always get them pulled at a later time....I'd rather have fillings than the pain of getting them pulled!
Reply:He probably knows what he's talking about as far as letting them go for 6 months' time, but it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion, if you want one. Anyway, you don't have to wait for them to come in to actually have them removed. A dental surgeon can put you to sleep and take them out. Considering that they already gave you an infection as they came in, and considering that they all have cavities, I'd say go find a new surgeon who will take them out now and just get it over with.
Reply:I had a similar problem,and my dentist referred me to the hospital.

They give you all your options and advice, then you decide.

Your dentist should NOT take teeth out that are infected. Better to treat the infection first, then remove the teeth.

The hospital appointments do take a long time to come through (unless you are private).
Reply:Since you didn't like your dentist's treatment plan, you should definitely get a second opinion. Maybe your dentist doesn't feel comfortable pulling these teeth right now.
Reply:I think that you should just wait. I am a retired dentist and this used to happen to my patients. Its not a big problem but you should wait.
Reply:Personally, I agree with the one dentist a few above me. Get another opinion and try to just get them pulled. It seems to me that the dentist just wants money to fill them now and more money to pull them later. Seems greedy to me.
Reply:he wants you to keep those teeth in there becuase actually your parents had installed a gps tracking device in your wisdom teeth to keep track of you. PULL THEM OUT NOW

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