Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is sugar-free gum really good for cavities?

I heard this on the news, that sugar-free gum is good to chew, good for cavities. I don't know what to believe anymore, like Listerine's claim that rinsing that is the same as flossing, when it's not.

True? Any specific or best brand/kind? Please only if you know what you're talking about (no guessing or anything), my mouth depends on it :) Many thanks!

Is sugar-free gum really good for cavities?
sugar free gum containing xylitol are good for cavities. It aids in repairing minor cavities.

xylitol is actually very beneficial to people with diabetes hence it being sugar free. It's also great for Osteoporosis, Ear and upper respiratory infections, Candida yeast (oral infection) and also has benefits for pregnant and nursing mothers by preventing Mutans Streptococci bacteria from mother to child during the first two years of life by as much as 80%


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Reply:Sugar free gum is not good for cavities, it simply helps remove any food between teeth (this just doesnt sound good in advertising) -

"The gum that removes rotting food from between your teeth" -LOL
Reply:I've had problems with my teeth since I was a kid. I chew sugar-free gum that doesn't stick to my dental work. It prevents plaque, prevents food build-up around my gums and makes me happy to see my dentist.

I chew Eclipse, floss, use Listerine that scalds my mouth and Oral B rotary brush. My gums have gained ground, even when I have bone loss from arthritis, etc. I've lost perfectly good teeth because of arthritis, immune issues, etc. I brush twice a day with Oral B rotary and use Listerine. I floss when I remember. My numbers are really good.
Reply:I don't think so.

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