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My 3 year old has cavities?

I feel like the worst mother in the world!! I brush his teeth everyday but he's got cavities and he's got some missing enamel on his teeth.. he goes to the dentist october 22 but i'm worried that they are going to think i'm a bad mother because of it.. he's got 3 teeth on the side that are starting to lose their enamel and he's got a cavity in his front 2 teeth.. we brush his teeth everyday I don't know what's going on help!!!

My 3 year old has cavities?
If your son takes a bottle to bed, make sure that bottle has water only, no fruit juice.

Crest or Colgate have kids toothpaste that is excellent, also look into a fluoride rinses (over the counter at any pharmacy). At 3 yrs of age you can teach him how to rinse and spit without swallowing the fluoride, also ask your dentist about fluoride supplements. If your son is prone to cavities he may need the fluoride supplement to help fight against cavities. Also ask your dentist if he can give your son a fluoride treatment in the office.(Higher fluoride concentrate than the over-the-counter ones)

Lastly, what everyone thinks really doesn't matter, what matters is if you are doing the very best you can for your son and never stop.
Reply:You should brush atleast twice a day and slow down on the sugar.
Reply:He could have a problem with his teeth enamel that he was born with. Is he sleeping after taking a bottle or drinking sweet things and not rinsing his mouth or brushing his teeth? The dentist really needs to look into this before he gets permanent teeth.
Reply:Maybe you have to reassess his diet. Avoid any sugary foods and juices which cause decay. x
Reply:No, you're not the worst mother in the world. But, you need to consider the following: 1) What age did you start giving him juice %26amp; did you dilute it 1/2 %26amp; 1/2 or even more 2) Does he get any soda 3) How is the dental health on both sides of the family?

The dentist is there to answer any questions you may have. Don't feel embarassed. Explain to him/her that you don't understand as you've practiced good dental hygeine. He/She should have some good advice on how to further prevent this from happening.

Good luck!
Reply:if he is useing the little bear or any little cartoon brand its not real tooth paste.. it is sugar so if your younge one swolles it , it wouldn't hert him/her. ask your denst for the right toothpaste
Reply:Don't think that you are a bad mother, its just that you may be unaware of certain things and you need to make changes. Basically stop giving your son sugar. You need to be more concious of what you are giving him. candy and sugary drinks are not okay. those drinks like sunny d, sodas, hawaiian punch or whatever those processed drinks are is not good. also honey as well. if you give juice make sure that its 100% and not 10% or 25%. Very Simple lay off the sugar.
Reply:The same thing happend with my sister but the thing is on my moms side of the family they have bad teeth and my sister is 5 and has the worst teeth ever, Her teeth aree breaking and she wont go to the dentist. SHe hate it and has only been there once. Whatever my mom tried to think of with her, nothing worked, Just take him to the dentist and dont worry about what others think. If yu dont bring him in sooner or later the cavaties will get bigger and it will only get worse.
Reply:Trust me girl you are NOT the worst mom in the world,believe it or not some moms wouldn't even give this second thought. Just try diluting his daily intake of sugar and other things that are bad for your health,and try aquafresh for kids, that was what I used when I was little and it kept my teeth clean and cavity free :) lol but still it could be something that runs in the family.Look into family dental history.Maybe his great grandmother had bad teeth or something.Good luck!Hope I helped!
Reply:If your son is three years of age and is taking a BOTTLE, then yes, you need some parenting help. As that is ridiculous.
Reply:Anyhting with sugar in it... like fruit juice, or even some milk types... when it is constantly bathing the baby teeth can produce lots of caries. Definately see your dentist for some dietary advice. Don't be embarrassed

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