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Does it hurt to get your cavities filled?

I have small 3 cavities the dentist said and i have to wait until next month to get them filled. i have had 2 cavities in the past (they were baby teeth if that has anything to do with it), but my dentist was gentle and it didnt hurt me then but i moved and had to change dentists. i cant remember what they did though cuz i was 6 or 7 and im now 12. do they stick a needle in your gums and then fill your tooth with the drill or what?

Does it hurt to get your cavities filled?
First the dentist will rub some numbing gel on the gum and then you won't feel the needle penetrate but you will feel a sting and some pressure as the anesthtetic in injection. Once your numb the decayed part of the tooth will be drilled and then a filling material placed in the cavity. You will be asked to bite down a few times so that the filling fits snuggly into the tooth and then the material will be hardened with a special light. It only takes about 10-15 minutes and it doesn't hurt.

If the cavity is very shallow the dentist may suggest going without the anesthetic. I had two fillings without it, the first one was fine but with the second one I felt big twinges towards the end of the drilling. I had to have to more fillings and I told the dentist if he didn't give me a needle he may loose a finger.

Good Luck, Be Brave
Reply:not at all
Reply:I had ten cavities before I was 10 years old and it didn't hurt AT ALL. I'm 12 now and I just thought it was pretty boring to sit in a chair and do nothing for who knows how long. The bottom line is, it didn't hurt.
Reply:The worse part is the prick from the needle injecting the novicane. Then everything is fine from there ;) don't worry about it. It will be a-ok :)
Reply:It does not hurt as bad as a toothache. If you were to allow this cavity to keep forming it will become an abscess, from there it will progress to a life threatening situation if it is not dealt with in a timely manor.You could be experiencing the worst pain on the planet and at the very least will have to get your teeth drilled deeply in an unimaginable mother of all badness, drilling experience to date. when they literally suck out the total inner lining of your gums with the dreaded Root canal surgery! Luckily you will be a getting them cavity's dealt with. Pronto.

About all the discomfort you will have is a weird smell in your mouth.The smell of all the junk that stuck to your tooth and made it forma cavity. Hopefully he will get out all the plaque and fix the problem with a nice filling to protect that toofy:D
Reply:It depends on what he's filling it with. If it is in the posterior (back of your mouth) then he'll most likely be using amalgam (metal and less costly) if it is in the posterior (front) your obvioiusly going to want a tooth colored filling. It does not hurt. You do need to get to your dentist asap considering all those cavities will do is get worse and you might have to look in getting a root canal and paying alot more money.
Reply:Ive had 3 fillings done with no needle ((they were audult teeth)) And it didnt hurt at all..Its just a bit boring thats all .. it doesnt take that long either

It Will Be OK !

Gd Luck :)x

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