Sunday, May 16, 2010

I don't want any more cavities, need ways to fight candy cravings, I love me!!I need my teeth,

Well u guys, I have a problem, a love affair with candy is causing me to have several cavities, enough to have 2 root canals, I love Sour Patch Kids, and all soft, sour candy, not neccesarily bar candy, but anywho, I need you guys to help me on this one,I've always had nice teeth, but inside, the candy is taking over, I have terrible toothaches, I really want to stop this, I'm not addicted to the candy , but I still want to maintain the rest of my nice teeth, and have less cavity forming dental visits...Any ideas??

I don't want any more cavities, need ways to fight candy cravings, I love me!!I need my teeth,
switch to fruit...frozen grapes make a great sweet snack!
Reply:Buy a bottle of floride and garggle with it every night
Reply:Start flossing. Brush your gums not only your teeth. Don't forget your tongue. They have things in local drug store to get between teeth. Also use mouthwash...preferably Listerine! I have a gum disease so I have to be careful. It was passed down to me by my dad. Thanks dad, geesh.
Reply:u can stop buying all that stuff so your body dosen't crave it anymore and then eat fruit.
Reply:If you do eat candy, just make sure to brush your teeth really well within 20 minutes. Brush for at least 2 minutes.
Reply:Eat less candy by not buying it, and switching to healthy, yet tasty things. I have never had a cavity and I eat candy sometimes, but most of the time I eat the healthy snacks. Good luck with your teeth%26lt;3
Reply:It is the sour candy that is probably doubling your problem - acids erode things even teeth so by constantly sucking or chewing the sour candies your teeth are hit by frequent acid attacks - try to find something to neutralize the mouth after each attack rinse with baking soda or something.
Reply:the dentist gave my son (9 yrs old) a sugar free sucker and said that suger free candies are fine to have!

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