Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toothache with no cavities?

Hi, hope someone can help. My 12y/o developed a toothache in his lower rear molar. Dentist ran full xray's and no cavities. Tooth hurts to touch/eat as well as the gum. He's now complaining of teeth on the other side of his mouth hurting, one more of a pressure ache, the other same symptoms as the 1st one. I've called his pediatrician, and he's perplexed as well since he shows no other signs of sickness. Calling the dentist again, but anyone have any other ideas?

Toothache with no cavities?
It sounds to me like my own symptoms which were of an absess, but if the x-rays were clear then it could be that he is clenching his teeth together too hard for some reason. My daughter used to have a severe "toothache" that turned out to be the face she was pulling when playing a computor game. Check if he is tightening his face muscles or biting down hard when playing on a console or similar thing.


Was thinking about the time years back, when I had infection in both ears, made my whole face hurt! Go doctors and get that checked-just a thought.
Reply:Sinus trouble? Grinding his teeth in his sleep? Jaw joint problems?
Reply:He may be grinding or clenching his teeth without realizing it or during sleep. In doing so, he's aggravated and irritated the ligaments that hold the tooth in place in the jaw bone.

He may also have gotten something in the pocket (the area between the gum, tooth and jaw) that is causing an infection of the molar root....which may or may NOT show up on standard x-rays.

You should get a referral to an Oral or Maxillofacial surgeon and have a specialist assess the problem.
Reply:check him for strep...i had major tounge/gum pain for a week and had strep, but no other symptoms.

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